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Cultural Territory

The Cultural Territory integrates the actions of the courses as an extension of the stages of Process and Training. 

On Saturday afternoons there are literary get-togethers, film screenings, concerts, readings, guided visits to museums and galleries; discussions with artists, companies and researchers; lectures to mention a few. An open space for coordinators, educators and educands to meet and also an event open to the general public.

The idea is that the Cultural Territory is a space for educands to learn but also to promote dialogue and integration with the city.

The veins of SP Escola de Teatro are fluid. The participation of the educator, educand and the general public is seen as an act of enjoyment of joint ownership. The theater community expanded to the other end. The one of the critical spectator and conscious citizen.


Cultural Awareness

A second strong action of SP Escola de Teatro includes Cultural Awareness Courses, which are free and implemented under the same pedagogical and artistic ideas of the Regular Courses. Besides the optimization of those, the Cultural Awareness Courses establish a direct connection with creators and intellectuals from other spheres. They mobilize people in general, amateur and professionals artists interested in enhancing or expanding their theatrical knowledge. 

The Cultural Awareness makes intercommunication with the Thematic Axis of the Regular Courses implicit, without ever losing sight of the connection with the community and its segments (the theatrical circle, educators, high school and university students). The intention is to bring the community to the School and take the School to the community in physical, virtual and symbolic encounters, artistic and cultural exchanges. 

There are three areas of concentration that serve as base to the activities of Cultural Awareness: initiation, reflection and production. Through this tripod, the citizen can access the basic steps, the deepening and feasibility of making art with emphasis on theater arts and its multiple arteries.

The plan is to offer 26 courses a year with 64 hours of duration each. The goal is to maintain excellence in both content and profile of guests, fulfilling demands in vocational training and professional qualification beyond the 8 Regular Courses. 

In addition to all courses available at present, distance education courses will be offered as well as roundtable discussions with professionals of notorious knowledge, online chats, videoconferences and publishing of a monthly electronic journal. There will also be partnerships signed with other cultural facilities to bring courses to different cities of the State of São Paulo and other states. 

Finally, over the years cultural exchanges will be established from the exchanges between different countries and professionals. 

The premise of openness and population flow that embraces make the Cultural Awareness an essential complement to global education and citizenship that SP Escola de Teatro asserts.


Kairos Program

One of the main features of SP Escola de Teatro is its humanistic view on individuals belonging to it today and on those who will be there in the future. Based on this view, sociability is articulated on education and sustainable vectors within the Kairos Program, a major embryonic initiative of the public Institution, which comes to light. 

In Greek mythology, Kairos is the god of opportunity. It means "the right time" or "appropriate". The Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological time, the latter is an indeterminate moment in time where something special happens. The image that synthesizes is of a boy with hair made of fire quickly passing before the eyes of people. Suddenly, the challenge of those who saw him was to grab him. 

Half of the 200 educands approved by SP Escola de Teatro in 2010, come from an average level of public education. To attend the courses, they can apply for a monthly financial aid of R$ 545.00 (which is close to Brazilian minimum wage per month). This gives the opportunity to engage in a theatrical activity based on the creative potential of every human being, not based upon social status.

Among the purposes of the Kairos Program is also the promotion of educational exchanges with educands and educators or institutions in other states or countries, as well as enabling the participation of directors and coordinators of the School at conferences, seminars, lectures and national and international roundtables. 

Heterogeneity is another important aspect. The School is interested in the mixture of social backgrounds, ages, races and cultural knowledge. Society tends to see the conduct of a student or any person through the ethical principles that, at the end, relate to all levels of existence. Let affection be added to ethics. SP Escola de Teatro does not intend to produce a manual of behavior. It prefers a manual of affection. Ethics, affection, respect. The logic of emotions, this is the spirit that will rule everyone. 

It is a point of view frankly libertarian in the processes of cognition and learning. It is also hoped that will guide the imagination of those who do, see and feel theater.

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